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When Pigs Come 
Biljana Tutorov (2017), Serbia, 74 minutes

Abdul Aziz Ghazi, an ISIS supporter and Taliban ally, is waging jihad against the Pakistani state. But Aziz has a strong adversary, Dr. Pervez Hoodbhoy, a nuclear physicist and educational activist, who passionately opposes him through public appearances, lectures, and the media. Out of the spotlight, Talha and Zarina, two teenage students who have attended madrassas (Islamic seminaries) run by Aziz’s Red Mosque network, take diverging paths.

Banned in Pakistan, Among the Believers offers rare insights into the ideological battles shaping Pakistan and the Muslim world.

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Planeta Petrila

Hénin – Beaumont (2016), Roumanie, 80 minutes

In 2001, a mass grave holding the remains of over 700 people was found on the outskirts of Belgrade. Despite its proximity to the center of Serbia’s capital and the fact that it hid the remains of 75 children, the mass grave had never been marked with a monument or in any other way and almost no one in today’s Serbia knows about this case and the story behind it.

In an attempt to unveil the story of this mass grave, the film employs a meditative and hypnotic language to communicate with viewers’ experiences, imagination and emotions.

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 16:00h                No place for tears 

                               Reyan Tuvi (2017), Turquie, 84 minutes


18:00h               “Docu Corner”

                                    Interview-débat avec Reyan Tuvi par des jeunes militants européens


Mr. Gay Syria

Jean-Luc Romero-Michel, Husein, Quentin Houdas (2017)

Turquie/ Allemagne/ France, 84 minutes

At the end of the twentieth century, Sarajevo lived through the longest siege in modern history. Reporter during the war, Rémy Ourdan gathered the stories of inhabitants twenty years after the end of the conflict. The result is heart-rending combination of archive images and testimonies, which relates this tragic episode of the European history from a human point of view.

The Siege is a tribute to the exceptional capacity of a city and its inhabitants to resist not only for their survival but also for the defense of their humanist and cosmopolitan ideals.






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The unforgiven

Beate Klarsfeld, Lars Feldballe-Petersen (2017), Finlande, 75 minutes

In Bağlar, a district of Turkey’s largest Kurdish city Diyarbakir, Gokhan Yildirim with the help of the Baglar Municipality created a sports club in order to offer an alternative vision for hundreds of young boys and girls who would otherwise be stuck with “the sad destiny of the east”, in other words prejudices, poverty and political turmoil created by the decades long conflict between the Turkish state and Kurdish rebels who are fighting for local autonomy and cultural rights.

Bağlar chronicles a three-year period in the life of the team, focusing on Coach Yildirim’s efforts to reach to the national league, but at the same time to survive in a politically charged environment.

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Siniša Vidović (2015), Austria, 87 minutes

Korida takes us into the fascinating world of Bosnian bullfights. No bloodshed in the koridas – bulls compete against other bulls in an arena.

Following three protagonists on their touching journey through this vital archaic universe, the film proposes a unique insight into a post-war society that tries to deal with its past in an unusual way.


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Meeting with the “Baglar” directors – Saturday, March 18th: 18:00





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My own private war / Moj vlastiti rat
Lidija Zelović (2016), 
Bosnia and Herzegovina / The Netherlands, 57 minutes

What is the difference between good and bad? What happens when collective trauma enters a family? How do you get to terms with your own war history? And how can you ensure that your children don’t have to carry this burden?

Lidija Zelović, a journalist living in Amsterdam since she left Sarajevo at the beginning of the war, tries in this very personal documentary to answer these questions.

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A mere breath / Doar o rasuflare
Monica Lazurean-Gorgan (2016), Romania, 67 minutes

A Mere Breath explores the profoundly contradictory nature of family love. Both a journey of initiation and a theological parable, the film follows seven years in the life of the Sicrea family in Romania, capturing trials and tribulations of Dobrin who is waiting for a miracle that will help his youngest daughter get up from her wheelchair.

As we watch his children grow up and become adults, we witness the deep impact of Dobrun’s close connection to God on relationships between members of his family.

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Meeting with the “My own private war” director – Sunday,  March 19th: 18:00